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In 1930, Lombard held the first Lilac Pageant, crowning the first Lilac Queen, Adeline Fleege. In 2001, the Lombard Junior Women’s Club obtained sponsorship of what is today called the Lilac Princess Program. This time-honored tradition has been in existence in our community for over 90 years and it is an important part of Lilac Time in Lombard.

The contest is open to young women of Lombard who are between 16 and 21 years of age. The women are evaluated by a panel of impartial judges and are scored in categories like academics, community service involvement, poise and grace, speaking ability, and appearance. Five Lilac Princess are selected and serve as the Lilac Court, community ambassadors for the Village throughout Lilac Time. The Princesses participate in another round of interviews and on the first Saturday in May, the Lilac Queen is crowned. Each Lilac Princess is awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

2022 Lilac Court Information - Coming Soon!

Check back soon for more information on how you can apply to be a member of the 2022 Lilac Court. For the most up to date information, follow us on Instagram @lilacprincessprogram.

Congratulations to the

2021 Lilac Court!

Photo Credit: Chris Fox

2021 Lilac Court members received their tiaras at Maple Street Chapel on March 15, 2021. Pictured from left: Brittney Conway (LJWC, Co-Chair, Lilac Princess Program), Katherine Pettinger, Emmie Sathy, Lauren Huber, Kendall Crackel, Bella Walli, Susie Denz (LJWC, Co-Chair, Lilac Princess Program)

Photo credit: Chris Fox

2020 Lilac Queen Coronation. Pictured from left: Brittney Conway (LJWC, Co-Chair, Lilac Princess Program), Jim Scalzo (Lombard Park District), Madison Crowe (2019 Lilac Queen), Lizzy Florey, Jamya Whitman, Karli Wilson, Abby Lynch, and Stacy Caeiro.

How to Support the Lilac Princess Program 

The Lombard Lilac Princess Program has been a signature program for the Lombard Junior Women's Club since 2001 and its success is grounded on community support. Contributions, large and small, from individuals, businesses, grants and in-kind gifts all are essential to ensuring the continuation of this long-time tradition of Lombard.

Make a Donation

Make a one-time or reoccurring donation online or send a check to the Lombard Junior Women's Club (memo: Lilac Princess Program) to PO Box 512   Lombard, IL 60148.

Become a Sponsor 

We offer flexible corporate sponsorship opportunities for our partners who join our mission to give back to our community.  Download our Sponsorship Opportunities Packet here.


For more information on the Lombard Lilac Princess Program, contact Brittney Conway at

Thank You to our Supporters  

The Lilac Princess Program Committee and the Lombard Junior Women's Club sincerely appreciate and thank all of the many individuals and local businesses who support this long-time Lombard tradition. 

Signature Supporter



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