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TLC Camp, Inc.

Sponsored by the Lombard Junior Women's Club, TLC Camp, Inc. was established in 1983.

TLC Camp is a non profit organization that's goal is to provide a fun-filled week of camp activities for children with cancer and a sibling. The children are ages 5 through 13. What makes this camp unique is that it is the only camp in the state of Illinois that allows a sibling to share in the experience.


TLC Camp 2024

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TLC Camp's 41st Year: Olympics!
June 17-June 21

We are excited to announce we are now accepting applications

for TLC Camp 2024! Questions about camp? Please email:


Get Involved 

Staff Application

From Nurses, to Counselor, and photographers, full time volunteers are needed for camp. The time commitment is from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Friday.


General Help

Many people can’t give a full week but we their are other opportunities to be involved as a volunteer with TLC Camp. We are looking for people to help serve food, run games, and provide general support during the days.

Group/Club/Service Opportunities

Opportunities are available for groups/clubs/organizations who want to volunteer their time as well.

Please contact for more information on ways to get involved with Camp. 

Support Camp

The camp costs the Lombard Junior Women’s Club approximately $500 per camper.


A continuing goal is to have each camper attend free of charge. To meet that goal,    TLC funding relies on donations from civic organizations, churches, corporations and private individuals. TLC Camp is a 501(c)3 organization, therefore all contributions are tax-deductible

We rely on your generosity. 

Where does your donation go?

All donations go directly to the funding of TLC camp. TLC camp is run 100% by volunteers, with no paid employees. The camp costs approximately $500 per camper depending on the events planned for the week. TLC Camp is free of charge to all campers attending.

How can I help?

We accept donations online via our Paypal account or you can mail us a check. If you are interested in sponsoring an event or day of camp please contact us directly for details.

Mailing Address:                             Paypal Donation:                                           Venmo Donation: @tlccamp

TLC Camp
PO Box 512
Lombard, IL 60148               

                                                        On dropdown menu, click TLC Camp Inc.


“TLC Camp is such an amazing program not only for our child who had cancer, but to also include his siblings whose lives have also been altered by the diagnosis is amazing. The other kids watch the “cancer kid” get so much attention due to everything they are going through and TLC Camp brings them in and includes them and makes them feel special too! My kids look forward to Camp every year and talk about the experiences and memories all year long! It is such a special connection for the siblings to have and share and we love everyone who has a part in putting it together and make it happen!”

"Our children are showered with love and kindness every year in a fun but safe environment"

- Parents

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