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The Lombard Junior Women's Club strives to make a difference right in own our community. We sponsor two major community programs -- the Lilac Princess Program that takes place during Lilac Time in Lombard and TLC Camp, a day camp for children with cancer a sibling.  

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The Lilac Queen and her court have been a cornerstone to the Lilac Time Festival since 1930. The Queen and her court serve as ambassadors for the Village of Lombard during Lilac Time making appearances at events like the Easter Egg Hunt, the Little Lady Lilac Ball, the Lilac Parade and the Lilac Ball -- just to name a few!


They serve as positive role models, volunteering at various community events throughout the year including the Village Blood Drive and TLC Camp, a day camp for children with cancer and a sibling.  


Established in 1983, TLC Camp is a one-week day camp for children with cancer and a sibling. What makes this camp unique is that it is the only camp in the state of Illinois that allows a sibling to share in the experience. 


TLC Camp Inc., is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  The camp costs the Lombard Junior Women’s Club approximately $500 per camper. We strive to ensure that each camper attends the full week of camp free of charge. To meet that goal, TLC funding relies on donations from civic organizations, churches, corporations and private individuals. 

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